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A Piece of Nepal at Your Doorstep

We have meticulously picked a selection of products for you. From sound healing (tools) to textile, every items are sourced locally and participate to the local economy. Read the stories.


Doing & Seeing Things Differently

Kinmel Nepal is a story of voyages and encounters, when one visits the country, a piece of heart will be always left behind, and once returned, something will be always missing.

The idea behind Kinmel Nepal was to create a comfort market zone to shop and a platform of information, recommendations and trustable business ventures in Nepal. Kinmel means “shopping” in Nepali language, shopping in today’s time become quickly overwhelming. In bazaars, the profusion of items is confusing, bargaining prices with locals is often a hustle. On the web, multiple sellers, origins, qualities, prices make the choice difficult, and a feeling of uncertainty when purchasing. 

On Kinmel Nepal, you will find a minimalist selection, carefully picked, items that have been recommended by local friends and tested by myself. All product are sourced locally and participate fairly to the local economy.

We Are Listening

We Are Listening

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